How to Colorize Photo with Vance AI Photo Colorizer


It seems to be imagination to see the black and white photos in their original colors. But now AI makes it real. With a photo colorizer, we can easily colorize black and white photos and make them look what they are supposed to be in reality. This article will introduce you to the powerful photo colorizer from Vance AI, a full-suite online photo enhancer.

Best Alternative to Vance AI Photo Colorizer-Colorize.digitalColorize Digital

Before we go through Vance AI Photo Colorizer, let’s have a review of its best It is an easy-to-use online photo colorizer with a simple UI design and doesn’t require any manual operations to complete the photo colorizing. Also, it is completely free to use. You can use it to colorize black and white photos with unlimited credits. Just try it and check how it works.


How to colorize a black and white photo with Vance AI Photo Colorizer?

Step 1: Digitalize old photo

First, use a scanner to save the digitalized old photos on your devices.

Step 2: Access Vance AI Photo Colorizer

Use the link in the title to access Vance AI Photo Colorizer. Or you may search Vance AI and go to its website. Then click AI Solution and select Vance AI Photo Colorizer.

AI Photo Colorizer

Step 3: Upload and colorize photo online

Upload your image to this ai picture colorizer and after finishing that, you can click on “Start to Process” to colorize photo online.

VanceAI Photo Colorizer Upload Start

Step 4: Save the download

When this AI tool finishes working, it will remind you by an icon on the Processed. You may go to Processed and find the result on the list. Before downloading it, you may preview it first by clicking on the image icon.

Vance AI Photo Colorizer Download

Optional Step: Use Vance AI Photo Restorer

Sometimes, black and white photos can be really old and damaged as time goes by. To make them have a great colorizing result, you can use Vance AI Photo Restorer to remove the damages first.

AI Photo Restorer

Performance of Vance AI Photo Colorizer

This is a photo where a man sitting with an eye loss due to a scratch. After being repaired by Vance AI Photo Restorer and then colorized by Vance AI Photo Colorizer, the missing parts have been significantly made up and the colors look quite natural.

There is another photo that has severe sepia, which would greatly affect the colorization. So first, we use Vance AI Photo Restorer to fix its sepia problem and then make it colorized.

Old Photo Restoration

About Vance AI

Vance AI focuses on AI solutions and creative online tools to help you edit and process images. A lot of powerful online tools it released make it a reliable web-based integrated AI website. Tools like Vance AI Photo Restorer, Vance AI Photo Restorer can be quite helpful to enhance the old photo quality.

You may also have fun with its creative tools like Toonigineer Cartoonizer, Vance AI Sketch Converter to help you explore more interesting relevant to AI.


AI is now breaking our imagination every day. To colorize a black and white photo all by ourselves online seemed to be impossible in the past. But now with AI-based online tools like Vance AI, we can do it easily and get quite accurate results, not to mention we can also use tools like Vance AI Photo Restorer to fix the damages first. Also read: How to Restore Old Photos with Vance AI Photo Restorer?


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