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Take a trip down memory lane with us to check the deep nostalgia alternative. You may relive childhood memories. If you were born before the 1990s, you understand how different the world is now better than anybody else. The world has changed dramatically, and technological growth is at the forefront of this transformation. Life was simpler back then, and having fun was easy. The mind-blowing AI technology can bring old family photographs to life by animating the faces in nostalgic shots. Allow me to demonstrate how you can utilize AI deep nostalgia alternative to assist you in animating deep nostalgia online free. If you have needs to restore old photos, you may try VanceAI Photo Restorer. We also provide a list of the top 5 nostalgia apps.

Best 5 Nostalgia Apps

1. MyHeritage

Price: Free & Paid (Premium: $10.75/mo; PremiumPlus: $18.25/mo; Complete: $27.42/mo)

MyHeritage is unique in that it enables you to create a family tree based on historical images you submit. However, you must first make an account and sign in. By going to MyHeritage, you may enjoy the animated photo service for free. Nevertheless, you must provide an email address and accept the company’s terms & conditions and its privacy policy to join up.

Nostalgia Apps


  • Have a feature to allow you to create a family tree and record information.
  • Execute images for free.


  • You have to sign up before using it.
  • Not have enough features.

2. VanceAI Photo Restorer

Price: Free (3 Credits) & Paid (Basic: $9.9/mo; Pro: $19.9/mo)

VanceAI Photo Restorer uses deep learning to recover old images 100 percent automatically. You can restore your old photos by removing scratches, cracks, stains, and more with our senior photo restoration tool. Do you want to make old, damaged images appear as good as new or even better than new? Now is the time to use AI to recover vintage pictures. Additionally, as an optional step, you may utilize  VanceAI Photo Colorizer, another great online tool from VanceAI, to check what colors these black and white photographs were intended to be.

Nostalgia Apps



  • Limited free version
  • Not offer animation features.

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Price: Free is a black-and-white picture colorizer that you may use online. It does not function with color digital photos. You must have at minimum one digital vintage black and white picture on your devices before using this program. Whether you have vintage black and white images, you may use online photo scanners to digitize them before uploading them to

Nostalgia Apps


  • It does not need the creation of an account to utilize it.
  • It’s simple to use and completely automated


  • Sometimes have quality issues.


Price: Free (8 Credits) & Paid (Premium: $6/mo; Pro: $19/mo)

ImageColorizer is an online picture improvement tool with a wide range of applications due to its capabilities. You may colorize black-and-white photos, add effects to them, and more. You may also fix old photographs that have been damaged. It may be used as a one-stop-shop for refreshing and revitalizing old photographs.

Nostalgia Apps


  • It is powered entirely by artificial intelligence.
  •  Focuses on the optimization of vintage photos.
  • It is always free to colorize old photographs.


  • The premium plans aren’t worth the money.
  • The quality of the results might vary.
  • The performance isn’t consistent.


Price: Completely free

This online tool is an AI-powered picture enhancer that can colorize black-and-white photos in a matter of seconds. It also includes some example photographs that you may use to get a feel for the program. It is simple to use and has a basic UI design. All you have to do now is submit your picture.

Nostalgia Apps


  • It is Free
  • Easy to use


  • It doesn’t save your past data
  • There are no other features.


This collection includes all of the deep nostalgia alternatives and MyHeritage alternatives you’ll ever need. For example, you can accomplish a lot using the photo enhancer tools from VanceAI to improve outdated images. We think that one day, AI will do more for us than we can imagine, thanks to the tremendous functionalities of nostalgia apps. If you  have vintage old photos and want to make it look best, the AI-based Online Photo Restorer can make your old vintage photos flawless.


Is there an app like Deep Nostalgia?

Unfade is a photography program that allows users to immortalize their photographs. The program analyses the picture automatically and restores fading colors. The program also trims photographs and automatically uploads them to Apple Photos.

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